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About Ellie Arket

Ellie Arket 

Ellie Arket is a Lyran Star-Seed

A Psychic Medium 

A Mindset Manifestation Coach

An Energy Healer

Founder of Ellie Arket Cosmetics 

She began her spiritual journey at a very young age! 

She wanted to understand the source of LIFE and our Existence.  Spirituality is her passion and she loves to reveal the Secrets of the Universe.  The Law of Assumption / Law of Attraction and manifest magic with the power of God Consciousness. She has helped many accomplish things such as curing their Cancer, Getting their Specific Person back, Manifesting Loads of MONEY.  She herself has used and tested all that she teaches.  It is her goal to share with you the most reliable way to manifest your desires. You WILL understand how the universe works by tapping into the power of consciousness. She will assist you in expanding your awareness and seeing beyond the the 3D Reality. 

You will become unlimited in your thinking and see clearly that anything is possible if you allow it.

You can be anything you want as long as you believe in it once you discover how to become one with it.  Becoming ONE with Source Energy / God Consciousness. 

Your desires ARE meant for YOU.   Therefore, it is learning how to tap into it. Ellie will guide you through her Coaching Sessions and teach you step by step how to achieve your manifestation.  

If you have been lucky enough to find Ellie Arket

You will have the POWER to change your LIFE around RIGHT NOW 

She is waiting for you to take her hand ... 

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